Rhinestone Ear Cuff - No Pierced Ear Cuff
Rhinestone Ear Cuff - No Pierced Ear Cuff
Rhinestone Ear Cuff - No Pierced Ear Cuff
Rhinestone Ear Cuff - No Pierced Ear Cuff
Rhinestone Ear Cuff - No Pierced Ear Cuff
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Rhinestone Ear Cuff - No Pierced Ear Cuff

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Positive affirmation attracts positive outcomes. Having clear affirmations in your life allows you to keep focused on the important things in your life and helps eliminate negativity. With this ear cuff, you will have a constant reminder of your affirmations and it will help you remain focused.

*******Please select from the drop-down menu the material you prefer (copper or brass) and the affirmation you want represented on your ear cuff. You can choose from the affirmations bellow or contact me to work on a custom one. With each ear cuff, you will also receive a card with your affirmation on it, so you can keep it in your wallet or planner. 

Affirmation of Joy. Crystal color: Yellow Opal
"I choose Joy. I open myself to a wonderful and blessed new future full of love and joy."

Affirmation of Creativity. Crystal color: Purple
"An endless reservoir of creativity lies within me. Being creative is one of my great joys in life."

Affirmation of Health. Crystal color: Turquoise
"Good health is my birthright. I take care of my body and I feel better every day."

Affirmation of Fertility. Crystal Color: Emerald Green
"As my sadness lifts away, a renewed sense of hope settles in my heart. I trust my body."

Affirmation of Love. Crystal color: Red
"I am able to be fully myself and completely authentic. I love myself and I will be loved as I deserve."

Affirmation of Strength. Crystal color: Sapphire Blue
"I am bold and brave. I can face anything that confronts me."

Affirmation of Wealth. Crystal color: Champagne Gold
"My actions create constant prosperity. I am aligned with the energy of abundance."

Affirmation of Friendship. Crystal color: Pink
"My friendships are filled with love and joy, their support is invaluable to me and I offer the same to them."

Affirmation of Calm and Peace. Crystal color: White
"A warm, peaceful energy surrounds me and those I love. I connect with what is peaceful and good around me."

Affirmation of Healing. Crystal color: Light Blue
"With every breath I take, I am sending, love, gratitude, and healing to my mind and body."

This ear cuff is designed to be worn as a Conch ear cuff (see pictures ), no piercing is needed.

Every order is designed and created by hand in an entirely smoke-free environment in my home studio, and it comes packaged in a jewelry box, ready for gift-giving.

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